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TGN 012 PROMO // BASIC OPERATIONS // Revolucion b/w Vintage Elektric
[TGN012PROMO] | 1.00


AA: Vintage Elektric - CLICK HERE FOR MP3 CLIP

So many different thoughts and ideas may cross your mind when listening to a great piece of music. Sometimes songs you know very well will remind you of an old friend or particularly happy day in your life. Under very special circumstances, music can be so drenched in emotion that on first listen you are taken back to past feelings and prior situations. Revolution and Vintage Eklectic are two songs that can have that effect. Rich in melody and built on rock-solid production, both sides of this release feel exciting and new, yet familiar enough to resonate in any situation.

Basic Ops are some of the most prolific and diverse producers in modern Drum and Bass; with previous and forthcoming releases on some the most respected labels such as Liquid V, Hospital, CIA Metalheadz, and Creative Source. It speaks volumes for Basic Ops that John B would resurrect his dormant Tangent Recordings for their latest release seeing as the label had broken such artists as Commix and Nu:Tone.

John B is not alone in his love for these songs. With support from Djss such as Fabio, London Electricity, LTJ Bukem, Bailey, and Flight in addition to being featured numerous times on the BBCs Radio 1 & 1Xtra, this single is set to make a more than significant impression. People get attached to music that makes them feel, and when listening to Revolution and Vintage Eklectic, one can easily see why John B would release them:

He just wants to spread the love.

(Words: Ryan Origin)


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