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DOG 003 // SENOR JUAN B // The Chihuahua Theme / Una Cerveza!
[DOG 003] | 1.99

A: Senor Juan B - The Chihuahua Theme

B: Senor Juan B feat. Merly B - Una Cerveza!

Arrriba!!! Senor Juan B is back in the Latin Quarter after a serious Tequila mission!

Some spicyHoT Latin Party Drum & Bass crazy music right here. Massive clanking percussion Tito Puente would be proud of, giant parping Brass sections, and cute sexy spoken vocals mashing up for a huge dancefloor SalsaDrumandBassFiesta! Picking up where he left off from the original Salsa! back in 98 (before anyone else had even thought of slapping an acoustic guitar riff in their breakdown), senor Juan B Rocks it hard like a crazy wild chihuahua.

This aint no laid back summery jazzy sunbathing tune, its tequila slammer uncompromising dancing on the tables and get chucked out of the club for falling off them music. Heavy drum and bass meets extreme Latin party vibes, bongos, congas, cowbells and drinking games. UNA CERVEZA POR FAVOR!!! GRACIAS SENOR!


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